Competition papers:

  • 2017
    • Vinayak Ruia, James Chen, Henry Chen, Austin Spalding, Avanti Joshi, Arsene Lakpa, Sam Seifert, “Hall and Boats, Roboboat 2017 – Georgia Tech ” roboboat2017_paper
  • 2016
    • Samuel Seifert, Patrick Meyer, James Wittig, Vinayak Ruia, Daniel Findeis, “Why Yes, That is Hot Glue: A Simulation Based Approach to Roboboat 2016″, RoboBoat 2016. roboboat2016_paper
    • Coline Ramée, Raphaël Gautier, Pierre Valdez, Samuel Seifert, Samuel Dubin, Jesse Chen, Henry Chen, Mary Catherine Martin, Kevyn Tran, Sarah Panitz, Jared Mehnert, Michael Keller, Daniel Cooksey, “Design and Control of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle for the RoboSub Competition”, RoboSub 2016. RoboSub 2016 Journal paper
    • Patrick Meyer, Samuel Seifert, Coline Ramee, Ethan Evans, William Roberts, Dr. Kenneth Cooksey, Dr. Kelly Griendling, “Why Yes, That is Plywood: A Simulation Based Approach to RobotX 2016″, RobotX 2016. RobotX2016_paper