Meet Plongeur (pronounce: /plɒ̃ˈzəː/), the evolution of Suby McSubface. Thanks to the lessons learned with Suby, Plongeur has benefited of many amelioration. The main waterproof enclosure stays the same, but almost everything else changes! New thrusters, external enclosures for batteries and camera, as well as increased stability makes Plongeur easier to maintain and control.


  • Sensors:
    • Webcam: Genius KYE F100
    • IMU: Microstrain 3DM-GX3
    • Pressure sensor: MS5803-14BA
  • Propulsion:
    • Motors: Blue Robotics T200
    • ESC: Afro ESC 30A
  • Electronics:
    • Main computer: Intel NUC i5
    • I/O boards: Arduino Mega