Building a new boat


Making the new pontoons core (foam machined with a CNC mill)

It’s time for Burnadette to retire. The team is building a new boat to compete in RoboBoat this summer. First step: the pontoons!

Last test before the competition

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Getting the boat ready for testing is still an adventure, but nothing we can’t tackle with waders and mustaches.

On the day before Thanksgiving we went to Sweet Water Lake and collected non-windy IMU data. We also almost broke our motors but that’s another story…

A day of test at the lake

The team tested the Wam-V  on a sunny (although quite cold, we can’t wait to be in Hawaii) Saturday at Sweet Water Lake . IMU data was collected to improve the dynamics model and control of the vehicle. After picking a fight with a buoy and getting entangled in an anchor line while being controlled by some team members (we’ll keep their names secret) the Wam-v performed much better in autonomous mode and crossed the obstacle field several times with success!dscf2696